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Cabaret Moulin Rouge in Paris

Moulin Rouge is definitely one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. And no wonder why. This place is full of history, beauty, romance, and once you enter the hall of Moulin Rouge, you immediately know you are going to experience something special. Even though it will be just for some 2 hours, you apprehend living through the classics of the French cabaret.

If you are planning a trip to Paris, the city of love and romance, we recommend the visit to Moulin Rouge – it is a must-see during your trip to Paris. You’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere soaking up everything Moulin Rouge has to offer for the evening of the carefree fun. You will surely get once-in- a-lifetime experience and unforgettable memories.

Tickets to Moulin Rouge

Booking tickets to Moulin Rouge is easy. In our day and age, there is no need to order tickets by phone or going to the cabaret several days before the performance to purchase the tickets. Thankfully, there is internet, and you can purchase tickets to see the Moulin Rouge show in Paris online, it is easy and convenient.

There are several types of tickets. Some are show and drinks, some are show and dinner. The dinner at Moulin Rouge is fabulous. Tastes differ, of course, but most reviews of the dinner at Moulin Rouge have been very positive.

Some of the options for Moulin Rouge Paris tickets (buy online and receive confirmation by email):

A 9pm Moulin Rouge show with half a bottle of Champagne, an 11pm show ½ bottle of Champagne, dinner and show at Moulin Rouge (dinner starts at 7pm followed by a show at 9pm).

How much does it cost to visit Moulin Rouge?

Please note the prices are subject to change. These prices are valid during this blog publication.

Buy a ticket to Moulin Rouge, 9:00 PM show, ½ bottle of Champagne for each guest, 125 euro.

Buy a ticket to Moulin Rouge, 11:00 PM show, ½ bottle of Champagne for each guest, 112 euro.

Buy a ticket to Moulin Rouge, dinner and show (½ bottle of Champagne for each guest), 180 euro.

Book your tickets to Moulin Rouge and transport yourself into the world of dreams and fantasies.

How to get to Moulin Rouge in Paris

To reach Moulin Rouge in Paris, you can either jump in a cab or use Uber or public transportation. If you decide to use metro, get off at a station called Blanche. Parisian metro is open until 12:30am Sunday through Thursday and until 1:40am on Fridays and Saturdays.

How long is the show at Moulin Rouge?

The show duration is 1h 45 min. Féerie is an almost two-hour show with elements of cabaret and music hall styles, where dance scenes are quickly succeeded by another.

You should arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show. You will be VIP-escorted to the cloakroom, all outerwear needs to be left there. You will then proceed to the main Moulin Rouge hall to enjoy the spectacular performance while sipping on delicious Champagne.

You can buy tickets online in advance. Don’t miss this chance to visit the legendary show if you travel to Paris.

The Show at Moulin Rouge: Féerie

The show you will see at Moulin Rouge is called Féerie.

The creators of the Féerie are the world-famous choreographs Doris Haug and Ruggero Angeletti, who created many spectacular performances throughout the world since 1961. In this performance, choreographed by Bill Goodson, watch a troupe of 100 artists and 60 Doriss Girls handpicked and recruited from around the world. Drawings designed by Corrado Collabucci, flamboyant costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins were handmade in some of the most famous workshops in Paris. Unique, colorful designs of Gaetano Castelli were brought to life into spectacular set designs with addition of the giant aquarium.

Paris Online had a unique opportunity to visit and see the other side of the cabaret set before the start of the show – the backstage at the Moulin Rouge. It’s an absolutely amazing experience – seeing costumes for every number, feathers in a luxury of colors, embroidery, fashion accessories, high-heeled dance shoes: we had a feeling that a part of the energy of this extraordinary show lives in all these costumes and accessories.

Féerie features the original music by Pierre Porte, brought to life by 80 musicians and 60 choral singers. The show has 4 main scenes featuring eye-popping set designs to awe audience’s imagination.

“Moulin Rouge - yesterday and today, Moulin Rouge forever”

As the lights dim and the curtain rises, a troupe of dancers takes the stage entering the enchanted garden of Moulin Rouge to discover the magical atmosphere of this place. With a sweet aroma of nostalgia, the spectators let themselves be captivated by the story of the famous cabaret.

We would like to briefly tell you about some of the numbers you will see during the show at Moulin Rouge.


No one knows what kind of adventure awaits a pirate whose boat is anchored in Indonesia. Here any dream can come true, here he can find the love of a perfect woman. Once on land, he meets a priestess in a temple, a Gorgon, surrounded by snakes, tigers and unbelievable beauties. The spectators will find out if the beautiful priestess will accept the offer of treasures from Sandokan or will they witness a sacrifice of love in the den of pythons?


The circus comes to town, along with the most remarkable oddities, amazing wonders, Siamese twins, acrobats, jugglers, weird wild animals and miniature horses! Colorfully decorated scenes and beautiful music will make this extravaganza unforgettable ending with the parade of the Doriss Girls and Doriss Dancers.

“Moulin Rouge from 1900 and on”

Moulin Rouge pays a tribute to Parisian women remembering 14th of July and the Liberation of Paris with Java or Boogie music. Time passes, one generation replaces another, women become more beautiful and they are free. At the final act, the girls dance the world-famous French Cancan.

Food and Drinks at Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Hall fits 900 spectators. A team of 120 floor managers and servers ensures impeccable service for each guest every night.

Paying tribute to the French cuisine, Chef David le Quellec offers traditional dishes using local seasonal products. Wine and Champagne are handpicked from the best French wineries. Champagne is the official drink at the Moulin Rouge, with 240,000 bottles of this sparkling wine opened a year.

Since September 2017 the Gault&Millau, one of the France’s most influential restaurant guides since 1972, calls the dinner at Moulin Rouge a ‘not to be missed’ when in Paris. It completely contradicts the reputation cabarets in France and around the world have that they aren’t known for their food.

During the dinner, live orchestra performance enchants visitors with great music. Those who want can dance before the 9pm show.

Brief History of Moulin Rouge

Cabaret Moulin Rouge — the world’s most famous cabaret—opened its doors in 1889, having an ambition to become “The Palace of Dance and Women” and to be the biggest, the most luxurious and elegant cabaret. All this was accomplished soon enough, and the cabaret became the birthplace of music-hall and turned legendary thanks to French Cancan and the Doriss Girls.

Throughout the years, many artists, authors, designers, choreographers and musicians were inspired by Moulin Rouge. Toulouse-Lautrec met his muse here, La Goulue, the Queen of the Cancan. Young designer Gesmar made costumes for Mistinguett, the legend of Music Hall, and Baz Luhrmann found here an inspiration for his film “Moulin Rouge.”

Decorated in the style of the Belle Époque with original mural paintings and posters of the artists who’ve taken the stage at this legendary venue, today Moulin Rouge is the place to spend an evening with the family, friends or to have a romantic date.

A troupe of 60 artists from around the world gives two performances every evening: the show of feathers, rhinestones and smiles combined with an amazing music in the best traditions of the French music hall style.

For the past 129 years, the legendary cabaret attracts millions of visitors who are looking to be enthralled by the famous show.

And so, Moulin Rouge in Paris awaits, and you can easily book tickets online in advance.

Check out the price of admission to Moulin Rouge on Paris Online website, where you can see the real-time availability tickets and book tickets online. Moulin Rouge means unforgettable emotions and experience not to be missed when you come to Paris. Because the show at Moulin Rouge is so popular, we recommend booking your ticket online in advance as they go as fast as roasted chestnuts. Paris Online website has more information about things to do in Paris and allows booking activities online before or during your trip.